How to sell your home in Finland - A guide for English speakers / Part 1

The AXW Digital Sellers Manual Part 1: “Research, research, and then research some more”


Selling your home might seem like a daunting task, however it is not as stressful and complicated as some people may think. There are plenty of tools and information available to you online that facilitate the selling process. This will be a three-part guide that will present you with some vital information about selling your home, ranging from the research you will need to conduct and how to make your home the most appealing it can be. Hopefully after reading this you will be confident in your ability to sell your home, and most importantly help alleviate the stress that comes with it.



Research, research, research. This cannot be stressed enough. The most headache-inducing aspect of selling a home is the feeling of not knowing. Inevitably many concerns will come to mind. How much should I try selling my home for? How long will it take? What are the financial aspects and laws I need to be aware of? Do I even have the qualifications, experience or skillset to sell my home? All these questions can be answered by some simple research.



You don't need to be a real estate guru to find a reasonable price for your home. Just open up or and visit all the online listing sites in your area. Try to find homes similar to yours. If your home is a three-bedroom, look at all the three-bedroom homes listed, and you will quickly get a grasp of a general price range. It is also worth researching past sales in your community to understand any possible price fluctuations, this will help you determine whether the demand is high or not in your area. A great tool for this is This is highly beneficial as it will set reasonable and realistic expectations.


Should you use a realtor?

This is up to preference. There are situations where using a realtor can be useful, especially when talking high-end properties, but don't hesitate to test the waters by yourself. With the tools available, you should be more than qualified to sell an apartment by yourself.

A great realtor will be honest and upfront with you about the strengths, weaknesses, and potential market advantages of your home. If you feel like you want to use a realtor to sell your home, we'd be more than happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Furthermore, most real estate agencies offer free-of-charge price evaluations. A realtor will come in and appraise your home and give you a price estimate. This paired with the prior research will give you a fairly accurate price-point for your home.



Try keeping track of how long homes in your area are usually listed for. This again will help manage your expectations and give you a general timeline of how long the process will take. If all the three-bedroom homes take on average two weeks to sell, it will most likely be the case with your home as well. As a rule of thumb, homes located in densely populated metropolitan areas sell faster than others. The worst thing you can do is to start the process with a mind state that your home will be sold in X amount of days, which is why it is critical to do some research and have a realistic expectation of how long it will take.

Other variables that affect the speed of sale are trending neighborhoods, increase in career opportunities, and new public services like new schools or increased transport. A good example of this is the public transportation zone revamp by HSL in 2019. So, remember to keep an eye out for any changes in your community.




Documents and Financials

Last but definitely not least, it is necessary to research the so-called “boring” facets of the selling process. To avoid future anxiety, start calculating your financials. What are your potential gains and losses? What are the potential repairs needed to be done before selling your home? How much debt is left on your home? Having answers to these questions will ensure you don't feel overwhelmed further on down the line. Another equally important step is to start gathering up the necessary documents needed for the sale of your home. Start this process as early as possible! Trust me - the future you will thank you for it.


We’ve compiled a quick reference list of the necessary documents to sell your home below:


If you are selling an apartment in an apartment house company (Asunto-osakeyhtiö):

  • Isännöitsijäntodistus / Building manager's certificate Do note, that this document can be no older than 3 months old at the time of sale.
  • Yhtiöjärjestys / Articles of association for the building
  • Tilinpäätös ja tasekirja / Financial statements
  • Energiatodistus / Energy certificate


If you’re selling an independent property (kiinteistö), you’ll need a few more documents:

  • Rasitustodistus / Abstract of the register of mortgages
  • kiinteistörekisteriote / Cadastral certificate
  • Lainhuutotodistus / Certificate of title
  • Energiatodistus / Energy certificate
  • Asemapiirros / Local/municipal general layout
  • Rakennuspiirustukset / Construction drawing and blueprint
  • Rakennuslupa-asiakirjat / Building permit documents
  • Kiinteistön käyttöönottotarkastuksen ja loppukatselmuksen pöytäkirjat / Records of the final inspection
  • Kuntotarkastusraportti / Condition inspection report this is optional, but highly recommended


 - Henrik Puikkonen / AXW Digital